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Jameson House

I was by the Jameson House presentation centre on the weekend. There was also an article in The Vancouver Sun this weekend about the project. This development is gorgeous and ground breaking in its design. The units facing north, with the best view and the highest prices, are pod shaped with rounded walls in the main living areas. The kitchens are state of the art and the islands featured in some suites have cantilevered counters which allow for a change in height so the end can also be at table height. An upgrade option is a remote control centre for audio/video/lighting/blinds etc. The feature that has everyone talking, is the car storage. Traditional parking spaces are no more. Residents drive their car onto a platform and it is taken away to be stored in its own compartment. Wait time to get your car is 90 seconds and there is a back up generator. The Jameson House is the Jetson pad of Vancouver. Prices range from high $400,000s to $3,000,000. An opening night is happening on April 5th. If interested give me a call.