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Woodwards Preview

April 7th, 2006
This Saturday is the beginning of the previews for Woodwards. I am planning on being at the presentation centre on Saturday at noon, when they open. The presentation centre is at the Shaw Tower 1067 West Cordova Suite 1730. Hours are Sat & Sun 12-6 and Mon to Fri 12-8. If you contact me I can arrange to be there when you go to preview. I expect that it will be very busy and this way I can mak ...

Jameson House

April 4th, 2006

I was by the Jameson House presentation centre on the weekend. There was also an article in The Vancouver Sun this weekend about the project. This development is gorgeous and ground breaking in its design. The units facing north, with the best view and the highest prices, are pod shaped with rounded walls in the main living areas. The kitchens are state of the art and the islands featured in ...

Woodward's Preview Date

April 1st, 2006

I received an email yesterday from Woodward's announcing that previews will begin April 8th. They are having a promo for hardwood floors, if you buy on opening day for $1.49, a tie-in with Woodward's special $1.49 sales from days gone by. The website has been updated and includes floor plans with prices ranging from $200,000's to $600,000's, although specific prices have not been announced ye ...