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Granville Loops Project

Today, I attended an information session for the development of The Granville Loops area. The plan, which still has to be passed by council, is to remove the two loops coming off of the Granville Bridge. Two one way streets, one northbound, one southbound, are to be created that will be bicycle and pedestrian friendly and will lead down to the seawall under the bridge. This will also connect to the area  "Under the Granville Bridge"  which is also been developed and includes a grocery store. This plan has been adopted by Council in January 2007.

A traffic study was done and in a 24 hour period the loops only carried a small percentage of the traffic. Approximately 15,000 cars versus 50,000 cars on the Granville, Howe and Seymour ramps. The loops, therefore can be taken down and not significantly alter the traffic patterns.

Over the next twenty years it is planned to add over 1,000,000 sq.ft of residential units including social housing. Approximately three 30 floor towers and six up to fifteen storey towers.  This will add 1000 units to the area and 1200 more people.

I questioned the destiny of the area and was told by a city planner that the density was based on the surrounding area south of the loops i.e. Howe and Seymour.

My other concern was for what seemed to be lack of any green space. A city planner told me that there had been plans to put a small park to the north of the Best Western but the park department decided it was not an ideal spot for a park.

Currently the plans are not available on the city site. I have signed up for updates. I did fill out the questionnaire and expressed my concerns about the density and lack of green space.

For all those who live near to the loops and have been wondering when the towing compound will be moved,(we were told two years ago, it was going) I was told it should be this year!!