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Raining Day Activities

Found the perfect rainy holiday activities to do today, other than go to open houses that is. Started out the day spring cleaning my closet. This is the time I curse all condominium designers, architects and developers with their lack of closets in order to save space. What?.. just because I live in a condo I don't own clothes or extra towels and sheets. But I digress.... So after getting frustrated I decided enough, outside I go, even if it was raining. Took the dog for a wonderful walk at Jericho Beach. There is something beautiful about walking on the beach with a misty rain. After we went in to Banyan Books at 3608 West 4th. I couldn't believe the quantity of books. They call themselves the Watering Hole for the Spirit and I thought that was an appropriate name. It is very relaxing and calming in there. But I have to admit I always feel a little guilty in a place like that. I felt I would be signalled out for coveting a pair of shoes I saw on Robson the day before. After we went across the street to Aphrodite's Cafe and Pie Shop. Yum, Yum. Now I am at home playing Georgian Chants and burning incense!