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Busy Weekend

Friday night, I attended the Picasso opening at the Vancouver Art Gallery. It was great to see all the people out. Sometimes I wasn't sure to look at the art on the walls or at all the different outfits people were wearing. A lot of people were wearing local designer's wear. Going to the show made me think of the new Electric Avenue complex. What a perfect place to have an after the gallery party!!!

Saturday, I met my trail running group Mountain Maddness, what a perfect name, and we did a 7k run/hike in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. We went up this gigantic incline on Homestead Trail. Despite my tired legs I still managed to walk around the Vancouver Home and Interior Design Show at BC Place, Saturday night. They had this amazing prefab home called the Glidehouse. Now all I need is a small piece of land in the mountains, hmmm...

Sunday it was off to Maple Ridge to look for a house for a client.

Tonight I have to make a casserole with the left over turkey from Thanksgiving....funny I havn't had any urge to have poultry all week!!!